Avant-garde manufacturing

Production cycle

Infinite possibilities. Flexibility and Customization. Flexible quantities and product flows. Highly qualified technological vision. Targeted investments following a global strategic vision, coherent and rooted in tradition.
The organization ensures the highest level of production possible, as well as qualified professional services, reserved and on time, for every customer project, at pace with the most pressing timing

Hand printing

For unique projects, large format or short-run productions. From business cards to large visual displays sized 120 x 160 cm.

Automatic printing

For all short, medium or long-runs, we utilitize extremely advanced technological machinery for various sizes such as 25x35 up to 105x145 cm.

Automatic bobbin printing

Utilized for bobbin printing with up to 930 mm. Possibility to print on any paper support from tissue paper to light cardboard, or on flexible plastic packaging, or laminated on paper-plastic bases.

Warehouse and Archive

To promptly respond to every need, we have a warehouse with over 1 million square meters of foil of various finishes and international manufacturers (standard or non-standard, glossy, opaque, color, pastel, holographic and special films). We cut and prepare the foil internally for all processes by using dedicated machines. We handle the clichés of our customers from design to realization, we also offer the opportunity to store them in our dedicated archive (1000 sqm).