Technological innovation and distinctive skills


Flexibility and customization


2 Plants of 5000 square meters

Combining the beautiful with the useful, Pesenti has realized unexpected methods and technological solutions, such as large format hot foil printing. As a real innovator, Pesenti understands the market trends which have transformed technology into a key factor of its success


Devoted to quality with an entrepreneurial core

A look, a smile and there is an instant connection. The engagement is immediate, understanding, spontaneous and natural. We are on the same wavelength. The relationship with our customers is driven by an awareness of our expertise, industrial processes and the most up-to-date printing machines.
Our approach is one of an alliance, our commitment is one of transparency and determination. We foresee the market needs, we set trends before they are perceived, we take full advantage of timeliness. Discover our hot foil printing wonders, both large format and bobbin. Entrust your high print runs to us.

Completely in tune with the expectations of the most demanding customers.

In search of exclusive, elegant and luxurious solutions.
With foresight the company has always taken great care of its ennobling works, receiving and maintaining quality certifications since 1996.
By developing a complete range of machinery and constantly fueling the craftsmanship of the group, it has supplied the advertising and packaging worlds with stimulation and instruments which are creative and original, but above all functional.



The Master of Hot Foil Printing

The ability to create value and prestige. To raise the bar. To drive market evolution. To know how to distinguish ourselves by making our customer’s products exclusive. To combine industrialization and craftmanship. To handle efficiency and long print runs.

The talent for applying the most precious element ever: gold which illumines, celebrates, honors and ennobles. Only those who know its power can transform it into the magic of regal style and art which enhances beauty. In that perfection, which for more than 50 years has distinguished Maestro Alessandro Pesenti, a wise and knowledgeable specialist in the finest decorations.

Today as a reference point and inspiration for projects which astonish, surprise and delight, with a blend of technological innovation and unique skills, as well as an advanced organization and innovative structure. With its knowledge and influence, tradition and constant development meet the future of top quality.