Functions and Performance

Talent and passion create the right atmosphere to meet every new technical challenge. Intuition establishes the right conditions to create any ideal project. Efficency gives the right rhythm to the business and the results of the printing. The rest is the result of authoritywisdomand targeted planning .

Luxury shoppers, gift paper, cardboard and flexible packaging, covered boxes for the luxury and fashion worlds, the food and beverage, spirits and tobacco industries, as well as the pharmaceutical and beauty sectors. Let yourself be surprised by the chance to print hot foil from bobbins with a large width up to 92 cm and applied on all kinds of paper, cardboard or plastic supports, with the option to have bobbins set with specific notches to aid the cutting processes using suitable weight paper. Experience our excellent sheet printing tradition . Feel the difference with your own hands.

Hot foil printing

At the beginning it was pure gold leaf virtuously transferred to confer invaluable wealth. From there its great allure has been brought back and reproposed, thanks to new automated processes and finitures developed to offer a wide range of artistic ornaments and ennoblements of every level. Real elegant solutions, original works, ennobling effects.


Hot foil embossing

To increase emotional impact and enchant at first sight. Three-dimensional decorations stand out, are noticed and valued with greater intensity. They are more attractive with ingratiating shapes. The embossed lines capture, excite and impress.

Intensifying the light reflected by the printing, hot foil is given life.


When details make the difference. Finesse marks the most substantial and elaborate details. Thanks to this ennobling process, the light which strikes the sheet creates reflections which make the printed works enchanting.


Cold foil, cast & cure

This printing process permits holographic effects in overprinting, on solid backgrounds or only on specific areas. There is the possibility to print classic holographic designs or to customize the design itself by also creating anti-counterfeiting effects.

With several types of holographic designs on a transparent base, we are able to ennoble and enhance your printing.

Holographic effects

Holograms grant three-dimensionality to the image and give the impression of being able to pull the most complex story from reality, creating three-dimensional figures capable of reproducing several perspectives of an object depending on the point of view; attracting more attention, boosting details and stimulating interaction.

Always sought after for the finest products, the holograms maintain their value and usefulness for anti- counterfeiting and security printing.